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RM190.00 /PASARAN : RM 400++)
Kandungan : 5 ampoules vitamin c 1250mg / 5 vials glutathione 600mg

Product Description
NC24 Pure Crystalize Skin Whitening is essential for the formation of intercellular collagen and therefore it required for the maintenance of tooth structures, bone matrix and capillaries. It is also believed to be important in oxidation and reduction reaction, tyrosine metabolism, conversion of folic acid to folinic resistance to infections and cellular respirations.
- Produces collagen to enhance the elasticity of skin
- Reduces pigmentation resulted from exposed sunlight
- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles around facial area
- Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimple
- Minimizes facial pores and improves skim complexion
- Helps to prevent scurvy, a vitamin C-deficiency disease
- Increases human’s immune system and promotes antihistamine properties
- Greatly enhance the effect of whitening
Product Feature
This product is administered by intravenously (IV)
Product Specification/Models
This NC24 Pure Crystalize Skin Whitening is originally imported from Japan. Each box contains 5 ampoules of 1g/5ml ascorbic acid and 5 vials of whitening agent glutathione. NC24 Pure Crystalize Skin Whitening is a clear, colourless and solution containing in each mL of infection 1000mg Ascorbic Acid , 0.01mL benzyl Alcohol 45mg sodim Bicarbonate, 8.5 mg sodium chloride and 0.2mg thiourea in water for infections. The pH of the solution is between 5.5 – 7.0.
One ampoules/injection every week for 1 or 2 months (*depends to your body metabolism). Then can reduce the dosage to 1 injection every 2 weeks for maintainance. Combined with collagen injection is greatly reduces wrinkles. Or combined with Glutathione for a better whitening effect.
However, a doctor’s advice is needed if you wish to know regarding the dosage.
The results is fair, smooth, supple and more radiant skin after 2 weeks of treatments.
The skin appears more brightly tonned, and patient can feel that their skin is improving
Other Information
Proven Result:
Skin Whitening and Skin Lightening in a short period.

INFORMATION: 019-7247573

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